GLAM is an open group of sound/body artists

Previous session:
Thursday 19 May 2022
8pm > 9:30pm
Artists Commons, Brussels

With the participation of:
Anastasia Guevel, Garance Navarro, Annabelle Pêtre, Alice Rosa, Alice Qcsob et Laurent Isnard

What is a group acousmatic massage ?

It's a unique body and sensory journey with sound and touching, to be experienced collectively, in mixity. Chosen mixity sessions are also organised.

GLAM guides you through a sensual and relaxing dimension, each time different according with the participation of the artists.

Sound effects and atmospheric music are made with DIY and real instruments.
GLAM also uses delicate and soft hand touching onto the body, and a variety of objects, such as fabric, small weights and feathers.

  • The session starts off with a short presentation and consent reminders, usually in French. Translation possible in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Followed by a collaborative blindfolding session with pieces of soft fabric.
  • Then the whole groupe is guided for a short walk before reaching a still and comfortable position.
  • The show must go on !

One hour later, music ends up and we take our time for waking up.
Then smooth discussions are open along with a cup of herbal tea :)


  • Dance/yoga room
  • Amplified music and sound system
  • Yoga mats and pillows
  • Relaxing and safer space 🌈


  • Arriving on time
  • Comfortable clothes
    - - - T-shirts and light trousers/shorts highly recommended
  • Phones switched off (flight mode)
  • Happy energy and happy belly :)


  • To non-sexual body connections
  • For being blindfolded and barefoot


  • Free price (social rate)
  • Reduced price : 10€
  • Normal price : 15€
  • Support price : 20€

Includes after-session comforting beverage
Cash or Paypal/Lydia

Doors close 5 min after the beginning, please be on time.

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