Maison Baudelique

presents Débâcle Sensorielle
Tuesday 16 August - 6:30pm

15 person max, on reservation only
Free price


Débâcle, choreography by Isaura Tupiniquim
Brazilian artist, currently in residence at CND, Pantin and Cité des Arts, Paris
Acousmatic massage
Group session
With Garance Navarro, Alice Rosa and Laurent Isnard

Group acousmatic massage

Image by Aurélie Rafact

It's a unique body and sensory journey with sound and touching, to be experienced collectively.
We guide you through a sensual and relaxing dimension, each time different according with the participation of the artists.
Sound effects and atmospheric music are made with DIY and real instruments.
Delicate and soft hand touching onto the body, and a variety of objects, such as fabric, small weights and feathers.
Smooth discussions are open along with a cup of herbal tea at the end of the session.